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Mission & Vision

About Us

EvoSys works with clients to identify areas of their organisations where intelligent Decision Support Systems (DSS) could best solve problems and create strategic value;


EvoSys conducts an initial exploratory project phase in conjunction with our software engineering and knowledge engineering to:


• Develop an understanding of the client’s organisation and business processes.


• Identify challenges and opportunities that would most benefit from the capabilities of EvoSys’ solutions and computational intelligence or machine learning technologies.


• Define available data and their quality to be analysed and build customised DSS for the organisation accordingly.


Our DSSs software does not require pre-programmed human intelligence (or expert systems) to discover solutions. Nor does it rely on supercomputing power. Instead, it produces effective solutions in fast-time on ordinary desktop computers, resulting in the generation of novel solutions to some of the most challenging problems we face in real-world settings. EvoSys’ revolutionary software can go beyond the limits of human knowledge and allow the computer to generate and test its own solutions to problems (details on the technologies we use in EvoSys are provided in the Technology section).