AlMersal is an on-demand delivery mobile app that connects users to independent couriers 24 x 7 using a smart and friendly platform. Freelancers of all ages anywhere can work in a flexible manner and increase their income by providing delivery services for our customers. No commission is deducted from the customer or the courier.

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A digital platform and mobile application, where people can share their daily experiences with each other. Shared moments are represented in a timeline view and placed on a dynamic map provided by the platform. Check out media shared by other users on the map, engage with and follow connected friends, and share experiences on your social media accounts. Use Wathiq to document your experiences in the world around you.

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EvoSys Analytics

EvoSys Analytics is a software product that provides more than 30 functions for the analysis of complex data sets. The software is designed to be very simple with its main objective being to allow non-specialised users to conduct complex analysis and draw meaningful conclusions from their data sets. EvoSys provides online licences and on-premises training. The software can be used by:

  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Data analysts
  • Policy makers
  • Research students