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Human Resources Software

Human Resource (HR) software companies globally are enhancing their portfolio in order to support changing customer needs. This report provides a comparative analysis of the major HR software packages available on the market for large enterprises in the Middle East.  The study is sponsored by a private firms. The full study is downloadable here


Customised Professional Training

Our team members work closely with clients’ organisations to develop an understanding of their business processes. We then identity staffs’ strengths and weaknesses and develop customised training programs to improve upon weaknesses and reinforce strengths.


Gap Between Education System and Labour Market in Saudi Arabia

This research study aims to highlight the key growth drivers and trends in education segments including K-12, Higher Education and Vocational Education. It also highlights the need to align education with labor market needs to increase employability of youth in Saudi Arabia and bridge the skills gap. Moreover, it highlights the key trends shaping the education sector and the potential obstacles in the growth of education in the region. Download full report

National Stores

Optimise Business Processes

In this project, EvoSys worked closely with the organisation to formalise the main target objectives (key performance Indicators or KPIs) into a set of mathematical formulas. Then, we optimised these to maximise the client’s targets. In addition, our team worked extensively with the organisation to enhance the overall business process and increase the efficiency. Moreover, we established a long-term strategic plan for the business.


Customer segmentation and smart marketing

In this project, EvoSys designed a survey for Ohayo restaurant’s customers and performed data analysis using Machine learning technology. The analysis led to an understanding of different segments of customers. As a result, customised & individualised marketing offers have been designed based on the customers’ behaviour. This project led to considerable increase in sales for the restaurant.


Analysis of Sales data

In this project we studied sales data and analysed demographic information on order to correlate features of potential customers and their preferred products. This work supported sales departments to increase their sales levels.

National Center of Social Studies

Analysis of Domestic violence data

In this project we studied 5 years worth of data related to domestic violence and provided software to automate our analysis for novice users, allowing them to produce professional reports with a few clicks. This project produced recommendations to help solve some social problems.

Ministry of Hajj

Statistical Analysis for Umra data

In this work we looked into 6 Million records of raw data related to Umra visitors, analysed their patterns and highlighted potential projects to improve government services as planned in vision 2030.

Riyadh international company for food

Study to summarise governmental procedures related to establishing a new restaurant

The aim of this study was to understand regulations concerning the establishment of new restaurants and distinguish the various requirements for different categories of restaurants in different regions in order to come up with recommendations that improve the business establishment process.


Clients complaints and Behaviour Analysis

In this project we developed a system based on N-Gram modelling and evolutionary optimisation to analyse the chain of complaints that are triggered by citizens and residents. Thus, helping the decision makers to understand behaviours, trends of complaints, and complaints’ seasonality. This helps the municipality take proactive action in order reduce problems and enhances overall service provision.