Why Evosys?

Our decision support system (DSS) solutions are based on modern technologies from the fields of Machine Learning, Computational Intelligence, and Data Mining.

Our DSS solutions are capable to learn on their own to solve some of the most complex problems. We use technology allow the computer to learn and act on its own with minimal human intervention (while preserving human responsibility and accountability).

Our DSS solutions do not require pre-programmed human intelligence to discover solutions. Nor does they rely on supercomputing power. Instead, it produces effective solutions in fast-time on ordinary desktop computers, resulting in the generation of novel solutions to some of the most challenging problems we face in real-world settings. EvoSys’ revolutionary DSS solutions can go beyond the limits of human knowledge and allow the computer to generate and test its own solutions to problems.

At EvoSys, our experience is based on a combination of practice and academic research. We have extensive experience in developing solutions to solve challenging problems.

EvoSys works with clients to identify areas of their organisations where our DSS solutions could best solve problems and create strategic value.